4 easy steps to build a killer LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is the Batcave of the world’s major social networks; it is the command center or safe house that professionals often ignore, until the very moment they need it.

But according to Laura Chetcuti, a professional millennial and LinkedIn celebrity – yes, it exists – who won a place on LinkedIn’s Power Profiles list 2015, the platform is highly important for professionals. “LinkedIn is a rare opportunity to network with other professionals in your space in a world where, much of the time, it is virtually impossible to meet face-to-face with other like-minded business people, she explains. It is a major recruitment tool as well, so if your profile is well-optimized, let the opportunities come to you.”

Letting the opportunities come sounds amazing, but like Chetcuti said, it starts with a well-optimized profile. Here are 4 quick and easy things to do that will enable any professional to take advantage of all LinkedIn has to offer.

1. Let your individuality shine

“Make sure you’ve got plenty of accurate information on there,” says the LinkedIn celebrity. As the sections make the setup of a profile easy, she recommends professionals to use them and to show their work instead of talking about it. “If you’re creative in your work, let it show on your profile. Individuality is key”, she adds.

2. Optimize your profile for search

According to Laura Chetcuti, though this point is highly important, it might be overlooked by the less digitally savvy. “If you’re a marketing manager, make sure you have that phrase on there a couple of times and include it in your headline,” she says. Listing the industries worked in, the clientele and any specific key points will not only help with optimization but also connecting with potential recruiters or clients.

3. Give your profile picture a check-up

No need to go the extra mile and hire a professional photographer to get the perfect LinkedIn profile picture, just don’t use a selfie or a photo of you with your kids, says Chetcuti. “My photo was taken on my birthday last year by my fiancé. It’s by no means professional, but you can clearly see my face and that’s all you need”, she explains.

4. Don’t do this, says Laura Checuti

Posting selfies/personal photos. “I know I mentioned it above, but this isn’t a network for personal photographs. People want thought leadership, not photos of your dogs.”

Including LION (people who are open to networking with people they have never met before. It stands for Linked In Open Network) in your name or headline. “It’s really cringe worthy and it comes across as desperate for connections. I didn’t know what it meant for ages. I thought it was a qualification at first!”

Including “searching for new opportunities”. “For the same reasons as a LION.”

4 easy steps to build a killer LinkedIn profile

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- Erika is a journalist and the founder of MadlyJuicy. After having worked for major media in Europe, the West Indies and Canada, she finally decided to create MadlyJuicy to inspire career-driven Millennials.

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