Show your love with aphrodisiac desserts for Valentine’s Day

They always say that the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, so why not celebrate the most loving day of the year with some great food? Remember that it is the thought that counts, so any effort will be appreciated, but if you really want to get the love flowing, try some of these special ingredients.

Not only being the mythical mother of the little V-Day angel Cupid, Greek goddess Aphrodite also has given the world ingredients for love: Aphrodisiacs. And it is not just for superstitious reason that these foods work, but also there are some biochemical reasons that these foods will get your blood pumping.

What’s the obvious V-day favorite? Well mama always said it’s a box of chocolate. This delicious dessert essential is chalk full of a chemical called “phenyl ethylamine”. Not only delicious, but literally intoxicating, chocolate will fill you with subtle signs and feelings of excitement as well as content. Try baking some in a sweet milk chocolate cupcake, get a heart-shaped box full of love, or just stock up on chocolate syrup and see where the night takes you.

To keep your strength up try some Potassium packed bananas. Adding subtle flavors to desserts like French financiers or Italian gelato, the Potassium in bananas is actually a key nutrient in supporting muscle strength.

And lastly, some sweet red fruits like pomegranates and watermelon will be a perfect way to close the night. Not only are their intense pinks and reds festive for Valentine’s Day, but nitric oxide and antioxidants that they have help to dilate blood vessels leading to increased blood flow and nerve sensitivity.

These are by no means the only aphrodisiacs, but for Valentine’s Day these four will fill the night skies and your hearts with love. For you bakers and pastry chefs out there, adding some subtle flavors from these powerful aphrodisiacs will be as easy as pie, literally. But for those of you who aren’t as confectionary inclined, here are a couple of ideas for you to make the most out of these ingredients. Pomegranate, although intense in flavor, can easily be added into a citrus-based cupcake for a delicious desert. And as a perfect V-day cocktail, adding some vodka with frozen watermelon shavings will make the most deliciously pink watermelon granita that will get your blood pumping.

aphrodisiac desserts for Valentine's Day

And for those of you who burn boiling water, it can’t get easier than heading down to your local bakery. Neighborhood bakeries are gearing up for the big day by baking festively delicious deserts that will make your mouth water. Whether it is a chocolate mousse, a fruity tart, or a V-day heart cake, you can be sure to find some sweets for your sweet to make the day even that much more special.

Baking with love, for love, and inspired by love, this Valentine’s Day will be sure to be a sweet treat you won’t want to forget. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, and may you find your heart’s true desire!

Photos: Cake and Tart Courtesy of: Vrej Pastry Glendora, CA

Show your love with aphrodisiac desserts for Valentine’s Day

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