Best shorts for every body type

Shorts season is raging and each year, some women feel uncomfortable wearing them because it’s difficult to find the right fit. If they’re not too long or too short, getting the right cut to flatter one’s thighs is the next dilemma.

And this season’s trend is not helping; shorts are sportier, casual and extremely short… While this relaxed, yet stylish trend will make some eager to jump into the warm season, others will be even more turned off by shorts, and with good reasons, since this trend is not for every body type.

Fortunately, the shorts cut options are endless and needless to say that following trends is not mandatory.

But how to find the right cut for one’s body shape (find out what’s your body shape here)? We interviewed the Los Angeles-based stylist Andrea Hall to find out the best cuts for each shape and how to wear them.

Hourglass, Top hourglass, Spoon and Inverted triangle Shapes

Best option: A line shorts

Styling tip: Pair this with a lightweight tee and minimal accessories for a polished look.

Straight Shape

Best option: Wide-waistband shorts

Styling tip: Pair with a flirty blouse. Tuck it in and add a belt to accentuate your waist. Prints and patterns are all the rage this season; dare to be bold.

Diamond and Curvy (plus size)

Best option: Boyfriend shorts

Styling tip: Pair with a structured tucked-in top and a cropped nipped in waist blazer. Boyfriend denim shorts are a must-have this season.

Pear and Petite Shapes

Best option: High-waisted shorts

Styling tip: Pair with a platform sandal to elongate your legs. Let the 70’s vibe fill your closet this season. Also, don’t be afraid to embrace bright colors.

Best shorts for every body type

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