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Most of people know it; a good exercise program must incorporate cardio exercise such as running, swimming or aerobic dance, and some form of strength training. Going at the gym, it’s easy to get confused and lost as some people use dumbbells while others prefer the machines. Free weights  (barbells and dumbbells) and resistance machines both promise to help build strength and tone up. But which one is better? Are weight machines the best way to build strength? Or are free weights (barbells and dumbbells) more effective?

Ditch the machines, and head to the weight room, says Kris, certified trainer. While both will get the job done, Kris has a preference for free weights but doesn’t diminish the value of resistance machines. The truth is both have their advantages. Watch what he has to say in the video.

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Is it Better to Use Free Weights or Resistance Machines?

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