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Ann Demeulemeester F/W 2009 Collection.

A typical question for designers is, what is your inspiration, but there isn’t really a question of exactly why they design a certain style. With so much questions surrounding how to define the dark nature of gothic clothing, we decided to go and seek some answers.

After an interview with Gothic Renaissance in New York City, we learned that Goth is more than just Twilight and vampires, but also a fascinating lifestyle, which has inspired many art forms and fashions.

MadlyJuicy: To start off, what is “Goth”? What is your personal definition of Goth?

Gothic Renaissance: Goth is undefinable. To some, Goth is a style of dressing and to others, it’s a lifestyle. Some even think that it is a sub-culture based on a particular music scene. Either way, the gothic look involves very black clothing and very white makeup with edgy and modernistic accessories. Goth has evolved a lot in the past couple decades. It is so much deeper than just black outfits, smoky eye makeup and vampires.

MJ: Are there any stereotypes you want to clarify about Goth?

G.R: Goth is not about Satan worshipping at all. Never has; never will. It has never been a religion or a spiritual belief. It is just a fashion statement. And Goth has nothing to do with Edward Cullen.

Dior Homme F/W 2011 Collection.

MJ: What is the most indispensable part of a gothic outfit to guys?

G.R: It all depends. Mentality is vital. Just go with your guts. To guys, be it just a simple touch of eyeliner or smoky eyes, eye makeup is imperative. And as always, go black and you will never go wrong.

MJ: To most fashionistas, Goth has sparked many fashion designers over the years. Which designer brand is your favorite?

G.R: It’s a tough question. There are Alexander McQueen, Jean Paul Gaultier, Comme des Garcons, John Galliano and of course, Christian Dior and Dior Homme. But my favorite collection of Goth-like fashion of all time is the F/W 2009 Collection from Ann Demeulemeester. Based in blacks and whites, it embraced an earth-toned color palette. For example, one of the black coats showcased speckled with white and silver suggested snow. The use of white brought a tender naivety to the collection and represented a new direction for men. Not only did it changed the fall/winter men fashion, like the F/W 2011 collection from Dior Homme, but it also exhibited that Goth has its stand in high end fashion.

MJ: Do you have any tips for the goth wannabes this Halloween?

G.R: Black works every time. They can refer to some blockbusters this year, Black Shadows and the animated film, Hotel Transylvania. Follow the costumes in the movies and you are good to go!

This fall calls for a change. If you are the adventurous kind, wow your friends with a darker trend and experiment with edgy looks like eyeliner.


Edgy and Modernistic: A look into a NYC gothic fashion store

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