How to wear floral prints at work and on a first date

Each spring, flowers are blooming everywhere. From the streets to the floral patterns popping on pants, skirts, dresses, or shoes, it’s hard to miss them. Though they’re easy to wear during the weekend, for work, it becomes tricky. How do you stay elegant and professional with floral patterns? Here are our suggestions.

How to wear floral prints at work

Don’t wear flowers in your hair: yes, it’s cute, but you can’t wear this at work. Leave the big hibiscus flower for your summer trips.

A little goes a long way: pick your statement pieces. Bags and shoes work well. Pair a one-colored dress with floral print shoes; it will do the trick.

Pick the right texture: avoid the light dress, ruffles, bows, decorative edging, and lace. They are great for festivals, weekends, and special occasions, but at work, they are highly unprofessional. Opt for a straight or slightly wide skirt that could be paired with a one-color top.

Pick the right color: look for floral prints with dark and rich colors, which look more professional than light colors.

Have fun with a floral top: much easier to wear than a skirt, the floral top can be paired with a blazer or cardigan.

Save floral pants for your time off: they look casual and always carry a weekend vibe.

Millennials on a date

We hear you; as a young professional, you don’t want the girly look associated with the floral trend. But still, you don’t want to look like you’re coming out of work for a date. There are easy ways to be elegant and sexy, with subtlety, with floral prints.

How to wear floral prints on a first date

Soft colors work well: pick floral prints with a light background. While they might look less sophisticated for work, light colors such as a blue background work well for a date. These types of colors are soft, but not girly.

Leave the lace for your time off: laces are beautiful, but can be largely interpreted the wrong way for a first date.

Be sexy, but subtle: those with small breasts can pair a floral print dress with a deep one-color V-neck top. The others will opt for a deep one-colored V-back top.

How to wear floral prints at work and on a first date

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- Phylicia Bernard is a detail-oriented personal fashion stylist.

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