Happy flowers

Blooms continue to flourish this spring. Though, they haven’t been a huge trend, like in the 60s, and in 2014, it’s fair to say that floral prints are always in vogue. Let’s say it; flowers are eternal.

But the importance of flowers in fashion stems way beyond. Flowers show emotion, beauty, and set the mood for many occasions, so it’s not surprising they’ve become an influence for designers everywhere.

Happy flowers: a fashion editorial

Through time, these prints evolved from feminine to non-gender, flirting with both male and female shoppers. And we owe this to the 2014 come back, because as much as male figures, like Jimmy Hendrix, rocked this print during the 60s trend “flower power”, most gentlemen forgot through the years that flowers were not only for women.

Ah! Men and flowers, an alliance forgotten when the Industrial Revolution that began in the late 18th century mowed down the male decorative emblems. It took a while, but brands, nowadays, make it easier for men to carry the blooms.

Men will appreciate this year’s floral trend even more. As the Pantone Color Institute pointed out to our reporter, Nathalie Gagnon-Joseph, for another article, this year’s color is a mixture of rose quartz and serenity. It’s a mixture of two soft colors, a warmer pink hue and a cooler blue.


Though women can appreciate both soft and wild floral prints, the softer prints are, without doubt, easier to wear for men.

For both sexes, if they don’t appear in prints, flowers will find their way into textures. As we pointed out in another editorial, Victorian fashion is in, and that doesn’t come without the eternal floral lace fabrics. Yes, flowers are eternal! But we will admit; these textures might take a while before seducing the gentlemen. Ladies, it’s your time to bloom. The lace dresses are seductive, as always, and remind us of that Victorian era romance we appreciated in Victorian novels and movies.

Happy flowers: a fashion editorial

From the little black dress to the skinny jean, there are trends that never seem to go out of style, and the floral prints and textures are definitely among them. Throughout the seasons, they fade in and out of style and represent various decades of fashion. Whether it’s through prints or textures, spring is that time of the year, when the flowers bloom the most in style.

Happy flowers

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