What is a good workout program?

The importance of working out is something we can all agree on. Implementing a workout program in a weekly schedule might be challenging to do for some, but will eventually have a big impact on one’s overall health. But what is a good workout program?

There is no perfect answer to that. A program should be developed around a person’s biology, age, foals, diet, free time and a lot more factors.

Nevertheless, in this video Kris gives you his suggestions to help you find out what works for you!

Don’t hesitate to email (kjmethod@madlyjuicy.com) him with your questions.

About The Author
- Erika is a journalist and the founder of MadlyJuicy. After having worked for major media in Europe, the West Indies and Canada, she finally decided to create MadlyJuicy to inspire career-driven Millennials.

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