How often should I train?

When putting together your workout routine, the first major component you need to figure out is your exercise frequency. As in, how often and how many times should you workout per week?

We’ll admit that’s a pretty broad question. Whether you want to put on size, cut down and get lean, or add strength, the amount of times per week that you train will affect your results. As a general baseline, if you’re looking for any sort of results, it’s strongly recommended to not spend any less than three days per week in the weight room. You won’t be accomplishing anything by training less than this. But let’s get more specific. Watch what Kris has to say in the video.

About The Author
- Erika is a journalist and the founder of MadlyJuicy. After having worked for major media in Europe, the West Indies and Canada, she finally decided to create MadlyJuicy to inspire career-driven Millennials.

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