How to de-stress in your daily bath time downtime

The anxious generation; that’s how countless media – such as the New York Post – have been calling the Millennial generation. And with good reason, as numerous recent studies have shown that Millennials suffer from anxiety at a much higher rate than generations that preceded them.

With the majority of us getting into hectic routines, the stress of early mornings, sleepless nights, mountains of paperwork and essentially, real-world problems may just be lurking around the corner. But, don’t fret! Don’t let the baggy-eyed, hunch-backed stress monster weigh you down. Instead, use what little free time you have wisely, maximizing your relaxation, allowing you to cope well with stress in crunch time. One amazing way to de-stress every day is in the shower or bath. Unless you don’t plan on bathing, take a look at these great ways to relieve stress in the bath, suggested by an aromatherapy expert at Crabtree and Evelyn in Scarborough, Canada.

Soaking in water has many recuperative benefits because it allows your body to rest from the constant pull of gravity. By lying down in the bath, the warmth of the water relieves muscle ache and allows your body to circulate properly. After a soothing bath, it is easier to fall asleep and most of the time, the sleep after a nice bath is deeper and more enjoyable.

To receive the most benefits, soak in the tub for at least 15 minutes. Try using aromatherapy oils by adding a few drops to the running water of your bath and swishing the water around after you’ve filled the tub. This will help the oil to disperse in the bath water. Lavender and chamomile are great oils for the bath since they are mild and will not irritate the skin. If you are having trouble sleeping, try bergamot or ginger to help with muscle tension and make sure that your bath is warm as opposed to hot. Hot baths are used to revive and awaken, while warm baths are more relaxing and stress-relieving.

In aromatherapy, feet are a very significant part of the body and giving yourself a nice foot massage in the bath could help your overall mentality. This is mainly because feet have very important reflex points and are sensitive to oils and other products. Even simply soaking your feet in a tub with a few drops of lavender oil will be beneficial in relieving stress and is something you can do while a movie on Netflix.

Candles in the bath paired with dim lighting will help to relax the senses, which have been at work all day. Light from the computer screen or office lighting can be harsh on the eyes, so dim the lights when you bathe. A scented candle will also enhance your aromatherapy experience and may leave you feeling as if you are on the beach or on vacation, rather than at home. Also, playing some soothing or slow music in the bath can help better your relaxation experience. It will help drown out the typical sounds of the household, which you commonly associate with duties and stress.

So plug in your earphones, light your scented candles and take a minute to indulge in an oil-laced bath. Even if you’re not hustling and bustling throughout the day, you deserve it.

Written by Alissa Mohammed. Originally published September 2012. Updated June 2016.

How to de-stress in your daily bath time downtime

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