How to look good on a budget

Getting into the workforce might sound like financial freedom for some Millennials, but the reality is though the money might comes, the bills won’t stop piling up. Student loans, buying a house and planning for the future are big expenses, but if there is one thing lots of Millennials are not willing to compromise, it’s their looks, especially when they land a new job.

Some even turn to YouTubers and bloggers to find cute outfits for work. Whether it be the likes of Ingrid Nilsen or Zoella Sugg, they have influenced their audience over time, and it’s hard to keep up with every product they feature without burning a giant in your pocket. There is no shortage of people wanting to buy the same thing as they did but perhaps scouting for similar items might just work, perhaps even better.

Shana Emily from Colour Blind Blog is a master of finding cheap fashion alternatives, and she shares with us her insights on looking for bargain pieces at just the right price.

Stay inspired and ignore all current trends

Focus on how you feel for that day. It’s important that the outfit speaks wherever we go. “Use clothes as self-expression, to command attention without talking and let them have it, says Shana Emily. Always try to break the norms and wear something unexpected to an event.”

Think about how you can wear a piece of clothing differently

Don’t just stick with what you already know. “Try wearing a mixture of vintage with new pieces that are typically unexpected, says the expert. Or just different than the typical way one would expect it to be worn.”

Always make a budget

Use the price list to compare to a new item to see if you got a good deal. Usually, our gut tells us if it is worth it or not. “Sometimes, when you have to have it, the price just does not matter.” Or the best excuse is to stalk an item until it goes on sale, according to her.

Spend some time planning

“Flip through magazines to get inspired and to get your bargaining eye ready, she says. This is the best place to experience new trends and styles that will not break the bank.”

Written by Abbey Rosete

How to look good on a budget

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