How to wear white-on-white

Although the all-white look was a key trend back in 2014, its popularity never really faded away. As a matter of fact, the all-white look was spotted on several fashion runaway shows: from Victorian spring trends to a simple white-on-white look, several fashion designers didn’t not forget this look that can clearly make a man look stylish.

As opposed to bright colors and vivid prints, which make a man look bold, the all-white-look is minimal but yet not less impressive.

When it comes to style, sometimes less is more and a neutral ensemble can set a man apart from his peers.

But how to wear white-on-white? Though it might look simple, there are still some rules to follow to keep this style trendy, clean and fresh.

How to wear the all-white look

General Tips On Wearing All-White

  • Bring your personality: this goes for any style, but it’s even more important for the all-white look. People will see you and if the style doesn’t match your personality it will be a complete fail. Wear fabrics and cuts that compliment your body and that make you feel comfortable.
  • Create clear separation between each piece: nobody says that you have to stick to pure white. Instead, mix shades by using colors such as ivory, cream, off-white, eggshell or light beige. The definition will be subtle and you won’t lose the stylish white look you’re looking for.
  • Mix the fabrics: none only will it allow you to bring your personality, but it will also allow you to create that clear separation we talked about. Use leather white pieces, cotton, nylon or linen.
  • Don’t forget the accessories: needless to say that all-white accessories are not necessary here. Instead, use them to add pops of colors to your look. Utilize accents such as watches, belts, shoes and even hats and let your personality shine.

How to wear white-on-white

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