Jane&Rye: the jewelry brand for the free spirits

For the designer Sammy-Jane Hughes, jewelry is as much about philosophy as it is fashion. Her brand, Jane&Rye, is evidence of her free spirit and strong desire to encourage people to be themselves. “I’m mainly designing for fearless women,” she says.

This attitude, the young Canadian designer always had it. As far as she can remember, she always had a passion for accessories. She keeps memories of her childhood with boxes full of old jewelries that she cannot get rid of. Back then, her creative and entrepreneurial path seemed already written. “I never could stand the work hours and strict rules. Working for somebody made me very sad”, she recalls.

Following her heart, she launched her jewelry line in 2012 with her then partner Erika Drolet to whom she bought her shares last July.

Jane&Rye: the jewelry brand for the free spirits

For the last four years, the jewelries have been mostly designed meticulously by hand in Montreal. For the rest, she receives them from around the globe and imports a lot of treasures from Tibet and Afghanistan no matter how challenging it can be at times. “The language barrier is a struggle, she admits. Most of the manufacturers speak a few English words.”

But without those treasures, her brand philosophy would be hard to pass through. Jane&Rye came from the desire to illustrate the duality that lives in each and everyone of us. “It’s the union between two personalities, like the dynamic between obscurity and clarity, reason and passion and conformity and eccentricity, she explains. We wanted to find the balance between those forces and expose what complement them in their opposition.” With that idea in mind, the designer manages to create a jewelry line for every mood. Feeling tough, bold, sexy, fragile, no matter the state of mind, from rings to body jewelries; there is something for every free spirit woman.

Jane&Rye: the jewelry brand for the free spirits

With over 15,000 followers on Instagram, it’s safe to say that Jane&Rye is on its way to becoming a big North American jewelry brand, but that doesn’t come without any challenge. “I have a love-hate relationship with one recurrent challenge, she says. I have to consistently reinvent my brand with each collection. But it keeps me going.”

It keeps her going and her followers excited. What’s even more surprising is consistently producing doesn’t mean less of a quality when it comes to Jane&Rye. Through the years, it seems that Sammy-Jane Hughes is becoming even more strict with the quality of her brand. “Some material tarnish and it’s very annoying. I’m working hard to eliminate this problem”, she says. For this reason, most of her jewelry is composed of stainless steel, an alloy very strong that doesn’t tarnish and offer a good value for money.

For this Spring/Summer seasons, she launched a collection called “The bohemian” (La bohème in French), which is without any doubt in line with the brand’s philosophy.

The young designer who’s not afraid to dream big, wish that Jane&Rye will become the most diversified online accessories in Canada.

Jane&Rye: the jewelry brand for the free spirits

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