by Maude Bourcier

Spring is on its way, yeah! But switching your whole wardrobe to spring clothing overnight would be too drastic. You have to choose your own way to gradually integrate spring trends in your daily apparel. Personally, I love bags. Purses, clutches, bucket bags, shoulder bags, tote bags, handbags, cross-body bags, briefcases, duffle bags, messenger bags, satchel bags: I love them all! That’s why the exhibition “Sacré sac!”, which is taking place at The Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles in Canada, caught my attention. All kinds and shapes of bags created by talented Montreal designers are exposed and for sale. Here are a few of those amazing and unique pieces:


Designed by VEINAGE

Designed by VEINAGE

This pastel leather handbag would give a perfect spring touch to an outfit composed of an oversized beige wool cardigan, a red wool scarf, denim pants and brown ankle boots.



Designed by CLAIRE NADON

Designed by CLAIRE NADON

This romantic style bag would look amazing with a black blouse tucked in suede shorts, black tights and heeled booties.



Designed by VEINAGE

The day you’ll feel like wearing a complete spring kind of look, add this cute leather and cowhide clutch for a neutral but trendy touch.



Designed by KLINIKA +

These colorful shopping backpacks could be worn with…everything! I just love the big yellow flowers pattern. I easily imagine it with a classic outfit (khakis and white shirt) and a black beret and boots.


Designed by CLAIRE KUSY

What about wearing this small bow handbag with a navy trench coat and Sperry Top-sider?




Since everyone is going to have a bucket bag this season, you better find a unique one. This particular one would look great worn with a navy varsity jacket and baggy denim pants.





Finally, these beige bags can be matched to whatever you feel like wearing in dark colors such as a black knit dress, boyfriend navy pants worn with an orange blouse, a denim shirt combined to a dark grey knit skirt or a green and burgundy stripped sweater worn with skinny jeans.


For my part, because I still have to wear my winter clothes for a while, I won’t hesitate to accessorize my outfits with orange, yellow, pink or green purses, and so should you!

And feel free to stop by Montreal and take a look at this beautiful exhibition up until March 23rd.





Let’s begin with BAGS – “Sacré sac!”

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