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We have officially reached that point in the Winter when we need a little boost to get us through our days.  Spring and Summer are close enough that we can almost smell them, but they aren’t quite here yet. And there’s not much of anything written in the “Things to Look Forward To” list on the calendar.  So here comes Valentine’s Day smack dab in the middle of it, and for some reason it makes us all want to celebrate—­if for no other reason than for the sake of celebrating.  And if celebrating means honoring all that is sexy and sweet, all the better right?  If you’ve had “do something special for me” on your resolution list this year (and haven’t quite gotten around to doing it yet) let us inspire you. Make yourself a priority with a little primer on how to celebrate your own sexy and sweet self this year.

Sexy and simple, pieces like these from Victoria's Secret can let your sexy side shine through.

Sexy and simple, pieces like these from Victoria’s Secret can let your sexy side shine through.

Most women love getting lingerie, but how do we know he will get it right? And what if there is no “he” in the picture right now anyway?  Don’t leave things up to chance—always have your own personal picks on hand.  You would be surprised at how a little bit of lace can go a long way when it comes to making you feel great—putting an extra spring in your step for whatever occasion should arise.  And since Valentine’s Day seems to fall strategically in the midst of the dreary Winter, you will never have a better excuse to invest in yourself.  Today is just for you! Here’s everything you need to know about buying lingerie if you are finally splurging on yourself for a change.

  1. Size Matters:  If you enjoy procuring the latest trends and investing in new clothes, then your first rule of thumb is to have the right lingerie on hand.  Lingerie, and your bra specifically, is referred to as a foundation garment for a reason.  It is the very backbone to your overall look.  So before you drop a paycheck on the first pretty lacy thing you see, know what size that you are.  Don’t go by what you think you are, actually take your measurements, or go to a boutique and have it done for you.  You will be pleasantly surprised when you discover how much better your
    little black dress looks when you’ve chosen the lingerie that fits precisely as it is supposed to.
  2. Your next mission will be to choose what bottoms you get.  These can pair with a baby doll, a chemise, camisole, or bra—your only limit really is your imagination and comfort level.  Fortunately when it comes to lingerie you never have to worry about what occasion you are purchasing for, as this is going to be your little secret.  You can go as luxe as you want—nobody will ever know and it will give your day a little boost.  So go with what you feel most comfortable in because that’s really all that matters at the end of the day. The truth is, there really is a cut for everyone, and there are designs for every taste on the spectrum: from the girl that loves to be adorned in lace to the one that prefers a streamlined minimalist look.  The four kinds of cuts are bikini brief, thong, boy short, and boyshort thong.  If you love the look of thongs but can’t quite get over the comfort issue, a widely used trick by models is to buy the thong one size larger than what you would normally wear.  This eases the discomfort level considerably without causing other comfort issues—one of the few exceptions to the size matters rules.
    Classically chic, this little red number from Aubade Paris will set the mood for any Valentine.

    Classically chic, this little red number from Aubade Paris will set the mood for any Valentine.

  3. Stuck on what to get?  Go natural, and find a bra that multi-tasks almost as well as you do.  Natural lace, natural shades, nude is back and it is sexier than ever. There’s a reason why every model today has a set of nude briefs in her go-see bag—it goes with everything and it adds a sexy touch.  If you want the investment on your pretty new thing to go far, invest in convertible bras of superior quality, sure to stand the test of time. We love how they can be worn with everything from your halter maxi dresses in the summer to your cashmere sweaters in the winter.  And they are still pretty as ever each and every single time!womens-secret-campaign-fall-winter-20122013-with-class-1

There you have it, everything you need to know about splurging on yourself this Valentine’s Day.  Next up in our series you can look forward to lingerie buying guides specifically designed for him.  What does he need to keep in mind if he’s buying for you, and what’s hot for him right now in that area of fashion.

Lingerie Gift Guide: A Lady's Secret

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