By Ryan Wallace

In such a multi-dimensional world, it can often become near-impossible to differentiate ourselves from the pack. Working on a 2-dimensional surface everyday, but living in a 3-dimensional world, finding an expression of ourselves that is as dimensional as it is bold is a rare occurrence. But with a collection of 3-D printed wearables and a unique look that is entirely their own, one Japanese accessories line is making an impression on the Fashion industry—MONOCIRCUS.

A 3-Dimensional printed bowtie adds something unique to a menswear classic.

Derived from the Japanese words “Mono” meaning ‘things’ and “Circus” meaning ‘space’, MONOCIRCUS is a collection of diverse accessories and playthings that exemplify the printers of the future. Adding another dimension, MONOCIRCUS breathes life into simple accessories. Whether taking the understated approach, allowing nature to show its beauty, or inventing something completely original, designers of MONOCIRCUS are certainly creating a vision of their own.

A 3-D printed orchid brooch.

Created and maintained by husband & wife duo, Kazu and Shing, MONOCIRCUS is the perfect blend of science and aesthetic. Kazu, a Japanese architect, and Shing, a Singaporean artist, have taken their passion and knowledge and entered into a new adventure as a team. Creating a vast array of things out of their little apartment studio, the couple not only creates “accessories and knick knacks but also furniture, art installations and public art.” And collaborating for the sake of inspiring creative individuals, the duo has curated several collections from fellow artists and creators around the world.

Fashion, ingenuity and functionality all collide with this 3-D printed pocket square/card holder.

“MONOCIRCUS hopes to become a platform for creative individuals to feature their creations; an idea and design laboratory for inventing, exploring and producing; an arena for everyone to enjoy shopping, wearing, using, playing and living.”

With a unique vision and a duo that are as unique as they are talented, we’re expecting big things from these designers—and we’d love every single accessory to be in our closets.

Little Oddities and A Big ‘Circus’

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