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Whether they’re in it for health or an upcoming vacation, many new gym-goers overtrain in a the hope of looking or feeling a certain way quickly. But rest is as important as strengthening any muscle group. Not taking an occasional rest day can be actually counterproductive since it might lead to a decrease in performance, higher blood pressure, weaker immunity or disturbed sleep.

Rest periods are not only essential for beginners’ overall wellness but necessary for their muscles. Lifting weights, running intervals or any other form of physical activity, damages muscle fibres, which results for many in a feeling of soreness. Rest periods allows muscles to recover and reconstruct in stronger formations.

Looking at athletes, it’s easy to believe that anyone can get to that level quickly. But it took them rest days for their muscles to get stronger before getting to the levels where they can train almost each day. So how many days do a newbie really need to recover? Watch Kris’ answer.

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How many rest days do you really need to recover?

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