Men’s Summer Wedding Guide

As a Millennial, if there is one thing you will be exposed to a lot in the upcoming years, it is the classic summer wedding. And as with all significant events, there’s pressure to look your best.

While picking an outfit for a wedding can be easy when the dress code is strictly black tie, it can be very frustrating if there are no rules.

Here’s our guide.

Bring out your personality: Wedding dress codes can be strict, but it need not fade away your personality. Customize your style with accessories such as a pocket square or contrast-soled brogue.

Don’t steal the spotlight: This might be common sense, but it happens more often than not. This is the groom’s wedding; don’t upset him by stealing his spotlight. Stay away from colors that will draw attention to you.

Check the location: Is the wedding at the beach? At the church? In a park? Knowing the location will help you figure out what you can wear. A linen suit would be convenient for a wedding on a Caribbean island, for instance.

Our suggestions

A two- or three-piece suit: This is perfect for a summer wedding. Pick lightweight materials like linen, cotton and cotton-linen blends in hot areas, and cool wool and cotton wool blend in a place where the heat is moderate. Pick timeless colors like grey, navy, beige or stone if you want to be safe, and burgundy, if you want to be a little bit more adventurous but stylish.

Tailored separates: This relaxed style is perfect for less formal weddings. First, pick your fabric. Again, the same rules apply. Then decide on colors: shades of blue, grey, beige, stone and ecru mix well together. Pastel hues like mint, baby blue and pale yellow look great with white.

Men’s Summer Wedding Guide

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