Baby, can I borrow your dress?

While men have been embracing their masculinity more and more – in some cases going as far as getting a beard transplant –, this season, ready-to-wear companies are attempting to seduce their gentlemen clientele with creations that are mainly inspired by the closets of women.

Since consumers’ habits have changed, this trend makes a lot of sense. When our journalist, Nathalie Gagnon-Joseph, interviewed a specialist about this season’s trends, we couldn’t strongly differentiate the womenswear and menswear trends and even struggled to figure out in which section we would publish the article.

“There’s an emphasis on fabric, having interesting and complex and intriguing fabric combinations. Really nice basics can be complemented by a novelty item”, said Sydney Sua to our reporter in the article, and that applies to both men and women.Menswear ready-to-wear companies get inspired by the closets of women.

Don’t get confused, however; this is far different from the androgynous look that emerged at beginning of the 2010s, where men began embracing their female side. This new trend emphasizes masculinity.

Ready-to-wear companies such as H&M, Zara, Burberry or Gucci have introduced to their male clientele fabrics such as laces, satin, feathers and more, which have mainly been mainly used for womenswear up until now.

Menswear ready-to-wear companies get inspired by the closets of women.

While women have been rocking the boyfriend look for over 20 years, the reverse is still extremely taboo. Men don’t like to have their virility threatened and some brands may have found a way to talk to them. Websites like Mr Porter, H&M, Y-3 and Zara are talking about slim-fit stretch cotton pants or plush trousers instead of leggings, knitted jumpers or dark t-shirts (no matter what the color is) or long tanks instead of dresses and cardigans instead of kimonos.

While this is clearly a marketing trick, by introducing new vocabulary to men’s clothing, ready-to-wear companies allow them in some way to have more freedom and to explore clothes that up until now have gone against the gentlemen’s rules.

Baby, can I borrow your dress?

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