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Twenty four year old Canadian Michael Eardley is an unique yet unlikely fashion designer, but he has major talent, there’s no doubt about that. Originally an athlete, Eardley went on to study Fashion, majoring in Womenswear at the International Fashion School at Lasalle College (in Canada). His line Live.Now. By Michael Eardley has launched at and will be available online in the New Year. Planning a worldwide expansion, Eardley gave us an exclusive interview about his life journey, inspirations and his favourite things about fashion.

MJ: How long have you wanted to get into the business you’re in?

M.E.: I have a bit of a unique story, as fashion was not my big dream growing up. I was a hockey player growing up, and in 2007, I had to give it up due to head injuries that would keep me from getting back to playing. I had gone to take a tour of Lasalle College and it was then that I really wanted to get into fashion. I had done some t-shirt design previously, but nothing to the extent that I learnt when I was in school. A hockey player turned fashion designer is something I have never heard of before, and something most people have never heard of.

MJ: Did you have to overcome any challenges when friends and family found out your chosen career path?

M.E.: My family was very supportive of me, however there was definitely an element of shock when I came home one night and told them my plans. It is still a shock to people that I knew in the past to learn that I’m a fashion designer. The challenges in the early going was to prove to people that I was serious about this and not just a hockey player wanting to be around models and fashion, which I’m sure some of my friends thought. In the end everyone has been extremely supportive of me and I could not of done this without them.

MJ: What’s your proudest moment to date?

M.E.: When my website launched, which launched my line to the world just about a month ago now. This was definitely one of my proudest moments. It made all the long hours and late nights of fashion school and the 16 months after fashion school worth while.

MJ: What do you think is the biggest trend for this Autumn?

M.E.: Coats are such a big part of fall and winter fashion, especially in a colder climate. I believe the bright bold color coats are going to be a major trend for this year as a way of brightening up what is typically a very neutral season for outerwear.

MJ: What do you think is the biggest trend for Spring?

M.E.: Aqua and bold blues. High saturated versions of deep blues and aquas will be huge for this up coming summer and will be seen on everything from tops, dresses and skirts and even on shorts and loose pants.

MJ: Who or what is your inspiration?

M.E.: I have two big inspirations; architecture and music. I love seeing interesting architecture, whether new or old, and being immediately inspired. It can inspire an entire collection, or just one element of a garment. Hemlines and necklines for me are taken directly from architecture. My biggest inspiration however is music. I have a unique ability to hear a track and see a garment in my head, but I do not just see a flat garment I see it on the girl who will wear it and where she will wear it.  Sometimes putting my music on and closing my eyes is the best way for me to become inspired.

MJ: What are your favourite fabrics, silhouette, styles and colours to work with?

M.E.: Bold colors. I love to work with bright and bold colors that stand out and make the person wearing them stand out for all the good reasons. I also love to work with black and use black as a way to make the bold colors stand out more. Structured and dramatic silhouettes are my favorite, from very fitted bodices to full and dramatic skirts. I love to work with fabrics that allow me to structure on the body and dupioni silk is one of my favorite fabrics to work with. I also love working with light knits and draping on the body and finding new ways to naturally use the fabric to create updated looks for traditional fabrics.

MJ: What’s your favourite thing about fashion?

M.E.: There are never two days that are the same. Every day is a new challenge and everyday I learn something new.

We predict that Michael will be huge, so look out for him in 2012 and in the meantime you can visit his website or  follow him on Twitter at @michaeleardley.

Michael Eardley – The Hockey Player turned Fashion Designer

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- Erika is a journalist and the founder of MadlyJuicy. After having worked for major media in Europe, the West Indies and Canada, she finally decided to create MadlyJuicy to inspire career-driven Millennials.

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