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Every Valentine’s Day the media tells us we must buy chocolate, candy, flowers and cards to show the ones we love just how special they are. Your valentine devours her chocolates, sniffs her roses and coos over her “You’re Special” card. She places the pink vase next to last year’s red one next to, yup you guessed it, last year’s “I love you” card. Uh-oh, it became routine. You need a fresh idea, something that screams unique, adventurous and rare. This year when your valentine opens his or her gift, truly surprise them with a (possibly shocking) chocolate gift. Chocolate covered bacon and potato chips just don’t intimidate us anymore. Give her something that just might make her scream, maybe not of excitement, but it will surely break routine.

Chocolate Covered Squid

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The squid is boiled then dipped in chocolate. Although it sounds odd, it is apparently quite delicious. Why not trying it fried, then drizzled with chocolate.

Chocolate Covered Onion

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Described as the flavor of raw onion with a sudden hint of chocolate. Could be better tasting if the raw onion were to be replaced with fried onion strings or rings, then drizzled or dipped in chocolate. Because anything deep-fried and smothered in chocolate cannot be anything more than a gift from the gods.

Chocolate Covered Tomatoes

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Not exactly a hit but might be salvaged if better quality chocolate and tomatoes are used.

Chocolate Covered Sushi

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Eel tempura sushi covered in a chocolate sauce. The salty bitterness balances out with the sweetness in this dish.

Chocolate Covered Peppers

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For those who enjoy the spicy sweet combination of jalapenos dipped in dark and drizzled with white chocolate. Reserved for the adventurous and feisty.

Chocolate Covered Carrots

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Root vegetables and chocolate have always paired well since…well since now! The starchiness might be overpowering for some, but alluring to others. Don’t forget to peel and poach it before beginning the dipping process.

Chocolate Covered Larvae

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For the not so faint of heart, these unborn insects get all of their flavor from their chocolate shell. Described as not having much flavor on the inside, try to spice it up by adding cayenne to the batch before being dipped, or opt for roasted and salted crickets to cover. Either way your Valentine will be surprised.

Oddest Items Dipped in Chocolate for Valentine's Day

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