Premium minimalist tech accessories

If you are looking for some protective gear to guard your precious smart phones and laptops, take a look of this Danish minimalist, Norsk Mand.

This Copenhagen accessory brand provides the perfect balance between the heritages of the rough leather goods with the advancements of modern technology. Every single piece is handmade, hand-cut and created with full-grain vegetable-tanned leather from New Zealand, which is then deliberately treated organically in Italy.

Founded in 2012, Norsk Mand makes wonderful and everlasting wallets, cases for iPhones and iPads, sleeves for Macbooks, headphone cases, key rings and more. Their designs are deeply influenced by the famous Scandinavian style: the flawless equilibrium between elegance, simplicity and functionality. In particular, with the ever-growing popularity of tablets, choosing the stylish sleeve/case that can provide them with utmost protection  can be a difficult task. However, with the introduction the “”Envelope Series” this summer, which is inspired by the envelopes of the 20s, Norsk Mand aced the job. Another best-seller this season is the neck wallet. It offers an everyday solution for carrying your phone, money, student ID card and other necessities, which will come in handy if you are commuting or cycling to school.

Quality leather goods are an indispensable part of any grown-ups wardrobe, and if they are taken care of properly, they can last for decades. As days pass, leather becomes darker, softer and richer in texture. Your everyday life, habits and special memories—a few drops of rain, sweaty palms on a first date, your coffee stains when you are rushing for your 8AM lecture—they will all leave marks on these accessories, making it even more unique and personal.

Providing a chic and functional way to take care of those accessories you love, Norsk Mand is your go-to brand for any tech gear and leather goods this academic year.

Premium minimalist tech accessories

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