Pushing the body beyond its limits with Blu Nathan

Montreal-based yoga instructor Blu Nathan shows inner and outward strength as he pushes his body to the extreme. The Canadian, who grew up in a spiritual family, only grew an interest in yoga in his early 30s. At a young age, it’s other types of arts that attracted him. From writing, design, music, acrobatics and healing, he explored different discipline but started to look for one that could fuse all these creative and spiritual elements. When he started practicing yoga, it was an instant revelation. The discipline helped him to heal from psoriasis, gain flexibility beyond expectations and recover at light speed from an Achilles’ tendon graft. It is after that last incident in its mid-30s that he decided to turn out of the fashion world he was working in for 16 years, to only focus on the things he truly loves. Pursuing his dreams, he travelled to Bali to learn Pranala Yoga. Shortly after, he opened his own Yoga School in Montreal.

Watch him push his body beyond its limits in this video.

Film/edit: Abrahamercado
Creative Producer: Erika Peter

Bernardo Alvarado

About The Author
- Erika is a journalist and the founder of MadlyJuicy. After having worked for major media in Europe, the West Indies and Canada, she finally decided to create MadlyJuicy to inspire career-driven Millennials.

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