By Christine Beswick

You’ve spent hours ensuring that everything has the perfect cut, from your denim to your hair, but you’re still a few steps short of making the grade if your footwear isn’t up to snuff. You might be surprised at how many women say in popular polls that “feet” are the first place they look when they are assessing a man’s date potential. So if your shoes aren’t up to par, it may not matter how well the rest of your look is put together. If you are wearing something that looks like it could have come out of a box holding the old “Happy Days” wardrobe, she might take an extra uncomfortably long time to respond to that invite you just pretended to casually put out there. If you are looking for the perfect touch to finish your look and close the deal, look no further. Put the Spring into your step with these 2013 men’s shoe trends.

  1. Traditional: There’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple, and your old stand by’s will still do the trick. If, however, the last time you sprung for a new pair of shoes you were planning for your high school prom, it is probably time for a little style boost. The traditional look that comes with oxfords, loafers, and dock-siders can all be paired well with the most contemporary men’s fashion trends. Dolce & Gabbana took the traditional look up a notch in their Spring 2013 collection by making strategic cutouts in their men’s leather oxfords.

    The Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2013 gave traditional oxford lace ups some breathing room with contemporary cutouts.

  2. Prints: This trend in footwear ads an ideal touch to any ensemble. Whether you like to play it safe and traditional, or are always looking for that next chic accent, prints in footwear provide a perfect answer. Create an instant pop on a neutral canvas, or add some texture to your palette with a shoe that takes it up a notch. Prints in men’s footwear are showing up in the most unique ways—from color-blocking to speckled oxfords, there’s a look in this trend for every man.

    Minimalist prints aren’t just for the ladies, was the subtle message from the Armani 2013 collection.

  3. Neutral: If you aren’t putting a bold print or texture into your step, keep it simple and on point with Spring 2013 shoe trends in neutral shades. Blacks and grays are still safe zones for Spring and Summer, but it’s even better for you to break out of your monochromatic comfort zone. This year the spring color palette for men’s footwear is as light as your spirit should be when you celebrate this season. Look amongst the almost fifty shades of beige to find a perfect tone that will pull your look together. Go as light as you can without going white, with the one and only exception to that rule being on those days you are called back to a “Love Boat” audition (Since they are no longer filming, the message between those lines is just say no to white shoes guys.)

    Neutral shades in footwear with luxurious accents spotted on the Gucci Spring 2013 runways will ensure you put your best foot forward.

  4. Lose the Socks: While this little nugget of information falls more in the “trend tips” category rather than an actual trend, this summer you can and you should keep your socks in the drawers. We can thank Jude Law for showing off his “mankles”(manly ankles) all over New York and the U.K., in everything from top-siders to loafers, and it’s a look that you all should consider as well. When the sun comes out to play, you should too.

    Jude Law

Yes, it’s true men, you are just a few steps closer to putting the Spring into your step with these key men’s shoe trends for Spring/Summer 2013. When it comes to color keep it as light as possible without putting sailor into your look. Stick to traditional staples, but don’t be afraid to step outside the box with a new printed shoe this season. And yes, if you are trying to keep that look sexy, it really can be as easy as just leaving the socks at home.  Just ask Jude Law…


Putting a Little Spring Into Your Step

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