Stylish and organized

Let’s be honest, finding stylish gears for men can be tough. Although the industry has evolved over the last 10 years, there is still room for improvement. Brands need to understand that millennial men are looking for stylish but simple gears. Thankfully, there are some brands out there that understand the needs of this new generation of consumers, and one of them is This is Ground.

Based in Los Angeles, California, the company was created by Mike Macadaan, a former leading force for companies like AOL and Disney, whom he helped design exceptional user experiences.

With the need to find order, stability and organization in all the objects in his life, Macadaan created This is Ground. At first, the company only focused on leather cord organizers, which were sold on Etsy. The growing popularity and some features on website, such as Refinery29, were the push the founder needed to expand his brand.

Discover This Is Ground, a brand offering stylish accessories for the organized guy

Three years in, This is Ground added the popular Mod, wallets and more. Thanks to numerous collaborations with companies like Facebook, DropBox and Snapchat, and a top-notch social marketing strategy that encourages their consumers to share the pictures of their products, the now multi-million dollar company is continuing to expand, and for good reason; the design, the quality and the simplicity offered to get organized with each product are undeniable.

Our favorite is without a doubt the Mod tablet 2. Aside from the design, what stand out are the inserts. Depending on the customer’s needs, This is Ground offers different types of inserts that fit one’s needs. The sketch, the traveler, the executive inserts and more all have different targets, from the sketch artists to the entrepreneur.

But let’s not ignore the Mod laptop 2 and Mod mobile 2, which are as beautiful. From backpack to tech gears, This is Ground offers a wide range of products perfect for any stylish man. Starting from $300 for the Mod tablet 2, the price might make some reluctant, but the quality and the durability of these products make them a wise investment.

Stylish and organized

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