Summer-fresh Quinoa salad

What’s better than eating fresh seasonal food? Summer brings a wealth of fresh produce, but one thing that can be annoying is that summer meals are not always quick and easy to make. We all love firing up the grill, but it’s not ideal for a workweek. Salads? Love them, but they’re not always filling!
This recipe will not only make you feel full, but it will also refresh your body in less than 15 minutes!
You can try it with a classic seasoning or with our creamy avocado-cashews sauce!

Serves 2
50g (1 cup) dry quinoa
1 tomato
2 handfuls spinach leave
1 cucumber
60g feta cheese cubes

1. Cook the quinoa following the instructions. Let it cool down (you can even put it in the fridge in the meantime while you’re cutting your vegetables).
2. Cut the tomato into cubes.
3. Cut the cucumber.
3. In a bowl combine all the ingredients with the cool down quinoa.

Summer-fresh Quinoa salad

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