Summer wedding dress code

It’s the wedding season all right, and if you’ve been invited to one, you’re probably wondering: what am I going to wear?

First thing first, weddings are not cheap, so if you’re invited to one, put in some effort. Reply on time, buy from the wedding registry if there is one, and dress appropriately!

What is appropriate you ask? Here are some tips to pick the perfect outfit.

No white dress: This rule is old, yes, but it’s probably eternal. This is the bride’s moment; don’t take it away from her, unless she asks guests to wear white. We hear you, not all brides are wearing white these days, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Be discrete: This goes in the same line as the white dress. Avoid loud or garish apparel and accessories. People are there to look at the bride, not you!

Be classy: It’s summertime, but it doesn’t mean showing off too much skin is ok. A wedding is not a club.

Read the invitation: Pay attention to where the wedding will take place. If it’s at the church, you’ll need to cover your shoulders. Also, look to the invitation for clues like semi-formal, beach chic or traditional.

Choose your dress’ color wisely: Stay away from weddings’ popular solid colors like coral, purple, navy and gray to avoid being confused with the bridesmaids. It could be hard to know which colors to avoid when you have no clue what the bridesmaids will wear. We recommend adding a jacket or another piece that will distinguish you from them.

It’s better be overdressed than underdressed: No matter how casual the wedding is, you cannot attend a wedding in jeans and a t-shirt. Even if it’s at the beach, dress up for the occasion. And no flip-flops!

Keep it in your comfort zone: Following the dress code might be important, but feeling like yourself is as important. A wedding is all about celebrating people you care about, which you can’t do if you’re squirming and fidgeting awkwardly in your outfit.

Don’t wear something you can’t move in: Weddings are parties, so wear something in which you could easily dance. It also means you should pick shoes that won’t hurt your feet. Stay away from new shoes you haven’t worn yet; you don’t want to find out during the wedding if they are comfortable or not.

Summer wedding dress code

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