By Ryan Wallace

Searching the streets for those 1 in a million fashion finds is no longer necessary to get some individuality into your wardrobe. With sites like Etsy at your fingertips, unique and handmade pieces are yours in a click.

“The Bridal Tree” designer Alea Lovely creates dramatic and whimsical custom gowns. Check out her store to catch a glimpse of a custom black wedding ball gown. Photo Courtesy of: Alea Lovely

With mass consumerism and malls at every corner, it seems that everyone dresses alike. And to get that spark of personality into your closet, you usually have to go to some lengths. But there is no need to spend your time in dingy dressing rooms trying on vintage wear when you can get the same unique feeling in handmade custom fits, which are made to order. is living by the motto of “bringing heart to commerce and making the world more fair, more sustainable, and more fun”, and they are doing a great job.

“Shoplovelay” designer Abby Saunders has these handmade headpieces for any occasion. Her rosettes and clips are a bargain, and she’s willing to recreate some special looks for you. Check her out. Photo Courtesy of: Valerie Hammond

Bringing together hundreds of designers, to offer their unique and handmade clothes/accessories, Etsy creates a community that offers fashion for a lot less than Rodeo Drive designers. From gadgets to gowns, and everything in between, Etsy is quite an amazing compilation of talented people. There’s hand-forged jewelry, and hand-sewn dresses; there’s custom-formed shoes, and custom-carved glasses. There is literally everything you could possibly want!


“Rufflentuck” and “Cloutseu” offer something different for neckwear with their Espresso Hemp Silk and Nebula print Bow Ties. Their unique prints and materials add something different to your dressy looks. Photos Courtesy of: Renee Cloutier and Rosemary Hayes

Riding on the tailcoats of the new decade has been a trend of things being “cute, vintage”(pardon the Mean Girls reference), but it has brought about a question of old vs. new. So which is better? Vintage or new? Well, although some second-hand finds may be amazing, they are still recycled fits and fads. So why buy something made for someone else, when there are designers online that will cater to your body shape and size?

Let’s shine some light on some innovative fashion that is coming out of people’s homes rather than factories. Sites like Etsy allow shoppers to buy handmade products for a fraction of retail price, and to get pieces with the whole vintage feel without things actually having been worn. These designers are bringing their own style and flare for individuality to shoppers, but don’t worry with nearly every piece being one-of-a-kind there is little chance that anyone will ever have the same thing.

“Lovejules” designers Jules & Josh have quite a unique style of footwear. Their custom-made leather shoes give a pop of individuality and personality. These tribal print hightop boat shoes are just one of the amazing pairs they have to offer.

Take some time on Etsy to search some terms like “Steampunk”.  This Victorian-era inspired, mechanically modernistic trend has some interesting pieces that will add some flair to menswear. And if your mind draws a blank on words to search, Etsy has you covered. In the Treasury, an “ever-changing, member-curated shopping gallery”, shoppers create compilations of their favorite pieces and share it with everyone else. You can tell by the tags and thumbnails whether or not you want to proceed.

These are a few of our favorites, but with all of the vendors and variety you will be bound to find your own. Check these out and get yourself some personalized pieces for your wardrobe.

“TAKEMOTO” has hand-carved glasses and eyewear for your every need. Their pieces use beautiful and unique woods like can be seen in these Zebra wood aviators. Photo Courtesy of: Takemoto Andy

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