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Exchange your tights for knee-high socks to update your wardrobe

We associate knee high socks with Japanese fashion and sports, but knee highs are becoming a statement fashion that will offer a modern alternative to tights. They’re fun, sexy and perfectly suited to the coming warmth that will be settling in over the next few months, so let’s take a look at the various ways in which you can integrate knee high socks into your wardrobe.

Cable knit knee-highs have become big over the winter season. They look great peeping over the tops of boots and add an extra stylish layer if you’re feeling the cold. If worn with sandals/shoes, push them down so they gather around the ankle to create an ankle-boot illusion.

Simple dresses show off the socks beautifully

Sheer knee-high socks (made of the same material as tights) are the big trend for this summer. It was fashionable a few years ago to wear socks with sandals, and this year the trend has simply swapped ankle socks for knee high socks instead. Sheer socks look great with platform sandals and skirts, but which skirt you wear can have a drastic effect on the look you sport.

Opt for skirts just above knee length, as anything shorter will begin to look provocative and inappropriate. Pleated skirts (kilts, for example) are great if you’re going for a cute daytime look, and tulips skirts work well for a formal, elegant style.

The socks look best in neutral colours like black, cream and grey. The sheer trend is inspired by high fashion, so keep the look simple and sleek with un-offending colours to avoid looking quirky or avant-garde.

These socks also work wonderfully with dresses. The best styles are shift and tunic-style dresses, as the simplicity of the shapes make the socks stand out in a way that’s modern but complementing. Make the outfit work by matching the colours of the socks to something in your clothing rather than your accessories. By matching the socks to your accessories, you’re highlighting them as an addition to your outfit, whereas you want them to work as part of your outfit.

Knee high socks can update your wardrobe in a few simple steps, so enjoy getting to grips with the fashion for an on-trend summer.

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