How to wear spring’s Victorian trend

The Victorian era – which lasted from 1837 until Queen Victoria’s death in 1901 – is not a thing of the past anymore. Introduced last fall, the trend still inspired countless fashion designers for the spring and summer seasons. And with reason: this light and romantic look is perfect for summer. However, the voluminous sleeves, demure high-neck ruffled blouses, the lace, velvet, and chiffon, might not make it easy to wear this trend especially in black. To avoid looking like you’re testing out an early Halloween costume, we suggest keeping your rest of your look streamlined and modern.

Bonus: Mothers’ Day weekend

How to wear spring's Victorian trend

For this Mothers’ Day weekend, we’d suggest to stay away from the Victorian trend and keep your outfit light with prints like flowers.

How to wear spring’s Victorian trend

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- Phylicia Bernard is a detail-oriented personal fashion stylist.

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