Zucchini pasta in a creamy cashew sauce

We hear it all the time, someone who eats an average of 2000 calories a day, should eat 2 ½ cups of vegetables per day. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy at it seems. We don’t always know what to do with vegetables and how to make them tasty.
What we love about zucchinis is that they easily absorb the sauce they’re served with, but are also extremely filling. Try this 10-minute recipe.

Serves 2
2 large zucchini
Cashew sauce (you can try our 5-minute recipe)

1.Spiralize the zucchinis with a veggie peeler.
2. Optional: mix-in extra ingredients like marinated artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, and chicken. We opted for some chicken cooked simply with oil, onion and herbs.
3. Pour the cashew sauce on top of the zucchini noodles and extra ingredients. Mix well and serve.

Zucchini pasta in a creamy cashew sauce

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